RUMORS: Darchei Torah Shut Down? Updated Letter From Rabbi Bender

September 15, 2020 10:30 am
September 15, 2020 10:30 am11 Comments

There have been many reports going around that Yeshiva Darchei Torah has been shut down by the Mayor’s office. One such article was even posted on Politico.

TJHLive spoke to the Darchei office and confirmed that ALL divisions are open today. The boys are all in class and learning.

There was a 7th grade class sent home yesterday because one student was confirmed positive.

There is no need to worry at this time and please don’t spread false information about the closure of Yeshiva.

Update 11:25

Letter From Rabbi Bender

Dear Parents,  

As many of you have already heard, there is a concern that the Yeshiva may have to close because of a proposal from the City of New York.  

Let me assure you that we have been in daily and open communication with the Department of Health. We have made them aware of any cases within the Yeshiva – both confirmed and possible – and the precautions we are taking. These include sending home entire classes if there was a single case in the class and quarantining Beis Medrash bachurim in their on-campus residences. This is in addition to the months of preparation that we invested in opening school safely. From mask procurement, to daily disinfection of our facilities, to daily temperature checks of students and staff, to social distancing and ‘cohort’ measures throughout the school, we have taken every possible precaution to keep our talmidim safe.

Some facts:  

– Yeshiva Darchei Torah is in compliance with all published City, State and Federal government rules and regulations.  

–        Yeshiva Darchei Torah is in daily consultation with leading infectious disease specialists, and has accepted and implemented all of their recommendations and suggestions.  

– Yeshiva Darchei Torah remains in contact with the Department of Health and we are confident that together we will come to a reasonable and amicable resolution that will keep the interests of the children at the forefront.  

There is no replacement for in-person learning, which we have been conducting in a safe and efficient manner — in careful adherence to the instructions of world-class infectious disease specialists — since late August. However, our staff is hard at work preparing a plan to transition to virtual learning.  
We are working feverishly to resolve any issues and will keep you updated.  

This is a nisayon. Life is full of nisyonos, and our job in life is to overcome them–and grow in the process. Im Yirtzeh Hashem we will pass this nisayon with flying colors.  

I close with the tefillah from Selichos that should be our focus during this nisayon, as we ask Hashem: “Asei limaan tinokos shel bais rabban shelo chat’u.”    

Rabbi Yaakov Bender

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  • Alex Bloom says:

    I don’t know who you spoke to at the Yeshiva, but it’s you who is spreading false rumors. I have spoken to the NYC Health Dept and the Yeshiva was ordered to close last night. Apparently, notice came to late to be carried out today (another day to spread the magefah), but as of tomorrow CLOSED.

    • GB says:

      That’s not how orders work. “It was too late last night to be carried out today??” If the DOH shut it down, it gets shut down ASAP not at the schools convenience.

      • Alex Bloom says:

        It does work that way if you’re Rabbi Bender and refuse to cooperate and the Mayor doesn’t want to be accused of being anti-Semitic (again). Our refusing to abide by the rules is how we got here to begin with. Truly a chilul. At this rate we will be davening at home on R”H.

    • Facts says:

      Please stop spreading rumors and only post about facts

      • Alex Bloom says:

        Read the update – Yeshiva is closed until after R”H. I was posting facts. Here’s another fact – the from community in the 5 Towns has, for the most part (especially the younger people) have not taken COVID-19 seriously. Hardly anyone wears a mask or observes social distancing. These same people, who are endangering others, will be crying come Yom Tov and Shuls are closed again. IF, chas v’shalom, that happens, they will have no one to blame but themselves – but they won’t. 195,000 people in this country have died from COVID-19, how many more have to die for people to put on a mask?

  • YY says:

    I also called Darchei.
    They said they are open.
    They are sending out an official statement soon.

  • Ta says:

    Do we really need this before Rosh Hashana?

  • AA says:

    And the fact that only one kid tested positive in that 7th Grade class is false. Multiple kids were tested by their parents after being sent home and they were positive.

  • bb says:

    still waiting for letter to parents about this issue. why do parents have to find out from your website. ask the parents if they need this before rosh hashanah. the lack of information from the school leaves a lot to be desired.

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