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September 22, 2020 12:19 pm
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The last time students graced the halls of Rambam Mesivta was a lifetime ago back in March. This past week saw the long-awaited return of the Rambam Men to 15 Frost Lane. Shouts of joy were heard throughout the building as rebbeim and talmidim were reunited live and in person.  Old friendships were rekindled, and growth spurts seemed to be all over the building.  It was amazing to be back!

The freshmen hit the ground running with an orientation that started on Tuesday where they were equipped with books and safety barriers and given the lay of the land. At the day’s close, they were treated to assorted cakes and Snapple. 

The rest of the student body followed suit with their orientations and also received their barriers and snacks.  The highlight of those orientations was an Awards Assembly where champions from last year’s virtual contests and competitions were awarded their plaques and glory!  The 2019-2020 Masmidim were also called up to receive their Rambam Masmidim swag in the form of shtark kippot.

Everyone was assured by Rosh Mesivta Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman, Principal Rabbi Yotav Eliach, Associate Principal Mr. Hillel Goldman and Director of Israel Guidance Rabbi Avi Herschman that they felt confident this year would be fun-filled, meaningful, and exciting despite some of the challenges presented by the pandemic.

The Administration, and especially the team of Aaron, Naomi, and Rabbi Herschman, worked tirelessly over the summer to make sure the school would open and be safe come September.  Rabbi Friedman, Rabbi Eliach, and Mr. Goldman made a point of thanking all of them publicly for their commitment to the school. Junior Yaakov Zerykier was also singled out and thanked for his work on the safety COVID-check app.

The students are davening in seven separate minyanim which helps with the safety precautions and also allows for more opportunities to be chazzan and to lein.  Classes are exciting, and there is tremendous energy in the building with everyone learning! The Zoom students are also a presence, and answer and ask questions and the Merged Model of Learning is shaping up to be top-notch.

Rambam extracurriculars are beginning as well.  Everything from Masmidim Extra Learning, Contest of the Month, Debate and Torah Bowl Tryouts, Learn-A-Thons, Read-A-Thons, Classic Film Club, and more are forming. The Question/Torah Question/Photo/Caption of the Week competitions are already fierce! 

The Freshman Academic Scholars also received their hard-won iPads and assorted electronic devices.  Congratulations to Samuel Feder, Shlomo Inoyatov, Michael Gordon, Siggy Orenbuch, Benyamin Silber, and Jeremy Sicklick on this achievement.

On Friday, Rabbi Eliach held the school’s Annual 9/11 Memorial Assembly via Zoom.  Rabbi Friedman was introduced by Rabbi Eliach and spoke about the historical and hashkafic concept of Amalek and its relationship to 9/11.  He also stressed the heroism of the first responders and discussed the role leadership plays in times of crisis.

Rabbi Eliach then shared a PragerU video made by a young college student that focused on the motivations of the terrorists.  Rabbi Eliach also showed a video from the History Channel that focused on the details of the attacks and those who fought back on Flight 93.  He concluded by sharing a Gemara that spoke about Sancheiriv mixing the nations and that Amalek, as a result of this, is always there in one guise or another. He stressed introspection at this time of Elul and the significance of remembering 9/11.

Finally, the week concluded with the students being waved goodbye by rebbeim and administrators alike as they feasted on their “End of the First Week Donuts.”

Looking forward to Week 2!

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