The Community Calls for Shabbos Times

October 13, 2020 4:08 pm
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By Jennifer S. Zwiebel

Jennifer S. Zwiebel

The phone lines were ringing like crazy at Jewish Education Program of Long Island (JEP-LI) before the chagim. People were anxiously awaiting something important that they were used to receiving for many years. Like clockwork.

“I didn’t get the magnet. Is it out yet?” 

“We need to know the times!” 

“Please make sure I’m on the list!”

People asked for updates and didn’t want to miss out on the annual mailer with the most important times of the week – JEP-LI’s Shabbos and Yom Tov calendar magnet.

“There were some Covid-related delays but we worked around the clock to make it happen,” said Ohavia Feldman, JEP-LI’s executive director.

Founding director of JEP/Nageela, Rabbi Dovid Shenker, said, “We’re grateful to serve our local community with one of our trademark traditions they have come to depend on and look forward to year to year. Because of the public’s support we are able to continue to inspire local children to learn what Shabbos is all about. Shabbos is a gift given to all Jews and we are proud to carry that message to any child and family that wants to take advantage.”

Thanks to our generous sponsors, Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group LLC and Jewish Community Council of the Rockaway Peninsula (JCCRP), JEP/Nageela was able to produce and mail thousands of 2020-2021 Shabbat candle-lighting schedule magnets throughout the community.

Shalom Maidenbaum expressed his firm’s outreach this way: “Our firm has been at the forefront of saving homeowners throughout Nassau County millions of dollars annually. We got our start locally and have a tremendous Hakarat Ha’Tov to the entire extended community. We firmly believe that continued strong Jewish leadership is dependent on grooming the next generation to continue our community’s emphasis on education and pride in our heritage, both here and in Israel.”

“It’s an honor for us to partner together with JEP, a wonderful organization that helps mold the future of so many men and women,” said Moshe Brandsdorfer, executive director at JCCRP and Tova Mentoring. “We’re proud to be part of it.”

This year, JEP began a new tradition. Each year they plan to feature a Five Towns resident artist to create the magnet design.  This year’s stunning design was painted by Suzie Schwartzstein. Suzie has been creating custom artwork for over 25 years and specializes in the design of one-of-a-kind ketubahs and other personalized Judaic artwork. Her love of Judaism brought her to JEP.

“I was thrilled to help JEP, an organization that does so much to keep our children connected to Judaisim which is one of our biggest priorities,” said Suzie.

JEP/Nageela wishes everyone a good year ahead and to be on time to welcome Shabbos each week! If for some reason you still didn’t receive your Shabbos magnet, contact

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